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Bank: Tobias is the key to the future of Sana Blewitt

30 years old, exposed to cat, abuse and spear throwing at Plaster, Judas and Gumla Ulavi in ​​Europe.

IFK Gothenburg met Falkenberg tonight, Tobias Sanaa is back.

I hope they understand that this is what the key to Blue White's future looks like.

That's only three years ago, but it seems far away now. Tobias Sana was back at Old Ulavi with his new club, I was sitting on the stand and my eyes were blurred by the wall of hate.

IFK Gothenburg slipped too far from the Champions League-chasing Malma FF, and all the frustration around the fact landed on its knees on a special hairstyle substitute pushing the corner flag down.

You know what happened, everyone knows, everyone is tired of it.

There is nothing controversial about it

"Whore" from hundreds of blue and white supporters. "Kant". "Judas". A throw-in mop shot thrown in front of Tobias Sanaa, a corner flag thrown against the stand, suspension, action and judgment.

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And now he's back home.

My particular experience is that there is nothing disputed about Sana'a's return, not now. As the years have passed, water has flowed beneath the Gataloov Bridge, when the shut down Tent-mented IFK meets Falkenberg on the Gumla Ulevi, Sanaa being one of them, part of a blue-and-white family.

It is a changing family, this is what makes Tobias Sana interesting in 2019 and 2020 and 2021 as well.

Never mind the story, this is about the future work of the Association.

Suburban skids have chosen another club

Tobias Sana was nobody when he last danced on the A-Team, when he broke up, played national football with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, finishing in Ajax. It was an exception to a club that despite all its great success, Gothenburg had major difficulties in becoming a full team.

Malma FFA won seven of 2000 when they incorporated Sewed, Naidala, Lindagen and Rosengard into their club identity. When the subway's Blue Line made a stop in the dressing room, the AIK painted the Swedish Cup and national team black-and-yellow.

It has long looked very different in Gothenburg, with the suburban skid opting for a club other than the large, homogeneous Blue White. The best who ever gave IFK the opportunity to go out the door and testify about being excluded.

In recent years, the club has been striving to control development, they have changed their youth activities, they have tried to open up to other districts.

Tobias Sana comes from Lovegardet, he was an angry diplomat. A nice little guy with flying feet, and when he returned with another club, he found a thousand kinds of animosity directly in the face.

Deciding how they achieve it

Now he's back, and everyone is wondering what kind of sane the team is. Of course, this is important for this season and the next, but in the long run it is even more important what kind of IFK Gothenburg it is receiving.

Bluewitt is working to open up another world, with the Amin Affen team from Jijlbo tonight, Adele Titi of Ranneburgen, Hisings Bacano's Coffey da Graca closed. Majorna's housemate has gone home from Ayeshand Starsund. Nicklas Alexander and Magnus Erlingmark's entrants enter the dressing room who can actually claim to be populated by Gothenburg's team.

IFK meets Falkenberg tonight, I really don't think Tobias Sanas' history is a problem for anyone other than a handful of songwriting supporters.

He belongs to Lovegardet, he plays for Blewitt, the crucial thing for IFK Gothenburg is how they will take care of players with that background in the future.

This is how IFK Gothenburg faces Falkenberg

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