Saturday , April 1 2023

Billdrtra: Stars from Melmarie in Kalmar: "Very Cool" – News of Calmar – 24 hours a day


The first one, secondly established Eurovision Song Contest Release Benjamin INGROSHO And Felix Sandman Hit "Do he think"After doing a podcast, youngsters now go on an autumn trip and land on Sunday Calmarslane.

12-year-old Alice was very excited about this show.

– I have not seen any of them before, that is a pain in my stomach. It will be astonishing, says Alicia.

Who do you want to see?

– Felix, Benjamin. I think Felix is ​​most interesting.

In the evening Felix Sandman started Brought directly to the entire Kalmar Republic. He wrote funny songs that showed speed and speed. Well, he's "Your hands"Almost all kalalasan stood up.

If the most important thing from the concert was on fire, it would have been hindered. However, it was alarms that were explosive outdoor machines.

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