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Cancer Fund Proposal: Tax Facility Aftonbladet on Taxes


Obesity can go about smoking as a cause for cancer

NoGustaf Larsen

Increasing Obesity Risk The most common cause of cancer is finally becoming more smokers. He warns the Cancer Foundation in a new report. Now they want to specialize on sugar-sweet drinks.

Photo: Eric Johansson / TT and Molin Norlen

The Cancer Foundation wants to see new taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks.

In Sweden, in more than 2000 cases of cancer each year, obesity and obesity are related, and the number of cases is increasing.

The Cancer Foundation fears, whose new study prevention shows that if the trend continues to grow, then 11,000 additional people will be affected by this cancer in the next 25 years.

We have long known that the habit of living in Sweden is becoming worse and more uneven. For some age groups, the extent of obesity has doubled since the 1980s. The Secretary-General of the Cancer Foundation, Alicaca Arhide Kagstrom, said in a press release that some factors suggest that future obesity can pass smoking as the most effective risk factor.

Want to see soda tax

In order to prevent continuing weight loss, the cancer fund now proposes a lot of changes. Taxes on a sugar-sweetened beverage are to be entered.

– Of course, we are finally the people who chose how to live our life. But the policy is an important task to support and make conditions for everyone to be healthy, Earlica Oared Cagstorm.

In the Cancer Fund report, along with other items, it can be read that the tax on sugar-rich beverages with subsidy on vegetables and fruits is an effective way of influencing public health.

– In Sweden, smoking has diminished in recent decades and has never been possible without the steps of the powerful and long-term policy. We need to do it again, say Ulrika Årehed Kåstrstr.

Cancer Fund Proposal

  • Those taxes should be submitted on sugar-sweetened beverages.

  • The law on food marketing should be strict in targeting children and accept the new media landscape.

  • The information will be carried out to increase public knowledge about the connection between cancer and unhealthy diet and physical activity.

  • In addition to teaching in sports and health, during the school day, at least 60 minutes daily movement should be presented.

  • That social planning should increase physical activity for all people by life.

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