Wednesday , August 4 2021

Carlo's money needed to participate in the success program

The 52-year-old Carola Haguequest broke down 35 years ago and is one of Sweden's most popular artists.

Artist says in an interview with DJ Weekend that he receives many job requests, but 90% of them do not say – despite being offered a million.

One of the programs chosen to set up Carola is "very good" on TVV, she took part in the fifth season, together with Amanda Jensen, Orp, Olla Salo, Causes Great, Love Antal and Johan T. Carlson.

Due to the great interest of Carola Haguequis, its section stretched for half an hour. Now the famous artist tells them that he has got a double fee.

– When asked if I want to take part in "so good" then I said that they got double fee. But I have the advantage that I can do it. I know my value. In DI weekend he says that you have the courage to wait for what feels good and you have to be courageous to make sure it's been good.

"What is wrong with that?"

Carola is currently up to date with her Christmas concert in Haguequest Stanley. Christmas displays attract large amounts of money and makes an important part of vocal income.

"Carola has really put a large amount of money on its Christmas concert and this year is not a stupid win over it. Without it, she does it because she has a dream to produce and point out. Then she usually does things with her On the other hand, she has the opportunity to choose what time she has to spend time, "writes Carlo's press secretary Leon Westlund in a text message.

Lino works near Westland, Kerola, meaning that it does not know anybody who works hard.

"Sometimes, he does things for the services of charities and other probes, and sometimes he earns better, and what is wrong with him? He will do it with his whole heart and people like him. Is there. "

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