Friday , February 26 2021

Caron älv – The caravan found on the police site

On Saturday at 04.52 SOS The pilot of the Maritime Ruler walked through the Gota River and saw the caravan.

– It surrounded the river. The parole could find out how to get there. There is no danger, "said Martin Halburg, West Police Regent, West Police Chief.

Karl Gunnar Persson, the deputy leader of the Solda Bohazan Redway committee, reports that on a site that could not find someone in a camp or a water.

"The tea from Gothenburg has come up and our ambulance helicopter flowed through the water or flowing through the shore," he said.

"This is a bad deal.

The ROs were surrounded by the Gota River

Cover Robbery has been reported.

"The police said that it was during driving, it was sitting on the river side and they reported that it was compromised," said Carl Gunnar Persson.

The car is left in water, but security has been provided to allow sea route to the river Gota.

"How to see how it got.

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