Monday , May 29 2023

Consult Review: Jenny Wilson leads the demons with strong emotions


The broader club is being thrown into the air. But the soundtrack is quickly shifted at night: sarcasm, such as asphalt, subway, heavy breathing. In a leather sofa, it would be clear later that Jenny Wilson was singing about the moon, but he turned to his eyes. Swedish singing is keen to hear; Language and wing she usually creates the artist's distance. At the same time, Wilson is always closer to theaters. This time she has an extraordinary story. After Metu, a joint power was given.

That is it The director has been installed in a new film titled Pai Hus-Valin, as well as on the frame of the performance. Who is the author of the play "Jenny Wilson's Worship"? The songwriter says. After a rape case, a review of the "Exorcism" album appeared on suits.

"Who is R Jenny Wilson afraid?" Photo: Jenny Brantartner

Edward Albes' theater game "Who is Virginian Wolf?" Is known as "Exorcism". Although the behavior and life poems of a couple without a child in Alberta are being brought out, the play is fundamentally criticizing social structures. Like Wilson, Disney's "three liters", like red-fly and wolf, presents victims and murderers in a kind of role.

There are so Many methane levels. But, "What are you scared of Jenny Wilson?" Do you think You are – it's strong. Musikertrion Augscrsssson, Club Hörngren and Michael Häggström mind the heart of the mind. Wilson, in turn, is a soul-specific electroof, new wave, tant-proof-inspired sound, and someone else's skillful testimony. Yut, some ball dogs from the ballot academy are damaged by physical bodies, sex, or falling. Corpse bodies look up and look up dead bodies. When a black text # the silent launcher scene ends, each other stands out.

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