Wednesday , January 27 2021

Cracked photosynthesis produces more productive crops

Researchers at the University of Illinois in the United States have succeeded in transforming plants' photosynthesis and creating super tobacco plants. Hope to be able to use technology on more crops in the future.

In particular, plants have been given new genes, which use less energy to take care of toxic waste products from the process of converting carbon dioxide into sugar molecules.

The result was more efficient plants.

Amanda Kwang, a researcher at the University of Illinois at the Public Service Channel NPR, said, "They grew rapidly, and they grew up to 40 percent."

First big success

This study was published in Science Science Science. Cornell University researcher Maureen Hansen says that it is a very important discovery.

Hansen says that – it's the first big success that shows that you can actually create photosynthesis and get more productive crops.

The next step will be to apply new research for food crops like tomatoes and soybeans. However, farmers will take many years before planting crops with new types of photosynthesis, NPR writes.

Researchers first and foremost have to find that, for example, improved soybeans actually produce more beans, or more stems and leaves. After that, the papis must be approved by the authorities.

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