Friday , August 19 2022

Crystal Sajoga's New Message – TV After the previous criticism of 4


In the evenings it's time to celebrate the "big" slogan "Very Good".

When the Sajogran introduces the interpretation of the interpretation of one of the Grander's songs, it emotionally changed – many artists are crying out of this message.

Expressen has already written about the intervention of Chris Saigre in the program. He managed to reduce the cost of production.

– I missed the TV 4 and told my opinion. I was uncomfortable with the program. I hope, because I learned that they are cutting my program … I asked them, "I hope my plan will be cut off and I want a good, positive, emotional direction," Chrisarar Sajogran said. To present a few weeks ago.

His feelings will be held in the evening, and he respects others in his interpretation.

When more programs are now broadcast, he says he had forgotten TV 4's criticism and he and the channel are in agreement.

"We're very consistent, edirrarmareat asantrptaralla me. I was the only one who thought that some of the clips are more likely to muntukkamentan me. I spoke to them, I do not think you have to be united with the flock. You must have some interesting things, you invite yourself in. Sometimes it is applied to the context of Ukayan, it may seem strange to some, he says.

Very good 2018: "You're really like it"

Martin Ngran, the executive executive of the program, agrees with Crystal Sjögr, who says they have "no big emotions."

"We're talking about the course we're talking about, and some things are going to be big in the media, so we seem to be crying, but I do not think what we're doing," she says, telling them that they hear something.

"I think the conversation with Kristar is fine.

His friend Sajogran said that it's fun to take part in this year's "Sooth Betters".

"The partnership with the artists is very powerful and very comfortable, and you're actually the one.

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