Sunday , January 17 2021

Deep diving deep between the cells in breakthrough-science this year

Today, Thursday, the top list of scientific successes has been released during the last year. And peaks make a mix of techniques that allow to separate thousands of cells, and where genetic material can be indexed in each. The cells are also labeled and followed with time.

Methods are used to develop individual cells, and it is possible to see which genes are shut down during different periods.

During 2018, many research groups – using these techniques – are able to show how organ develops, for example, fish and frogs. Now, the researchers are trying to find out how human cells develop and mature about how life is changing and how they are changing in diseases of cells.

In addition to the success of this year, there are nine other important research progressives in this magazine that are finished in the second position shared. Among other things here, the first drug has been found on the basis of the so-called RNA interference. Twenty years ago, two American researchers discovered that a short double-stranded RNA could block the atomic gene activity, which was later awarded to physiology or the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

However, the concept for therapeutic purposes has been used in petrols, but this year RNA is the first approved drug by Onpatio (Patisserine) intervention. It is designed to treat hereditary transistitine amylodyasis with polyneropathy, also known as skelfetenjukan.

Today's medication previously reported on the study, which was the basis for approval.

In this year's top list, there is also a movement meteo that focuses on the extent of sexual harassment and abuse, in other things, medicine.

This magazine also publishes some events with a negative impact. Here, in other things, forest fire and storms – as a result of atmospheric change and news – which, however, are not confirmed – have been found that Chinese explorer should use technical crypto / case-9 to replace twins again.

Here you can read the full list of science.

Here you can also take part in the top of the news list of Dagen's Medicine News for 2018.

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