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E3 organizer's huge tab: data leaked to 2,000 journalists

It's important to protect their privacy online. It can also misuse "lightweight" personal data leaks, such as full names and phone numbers, if misplaced. For example, an affected person may be overwhelmed by irrelevant and disturbing advertising, or their data may fall into various registers that are used to send messages with malicious code.

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When we journalists participate in various programs and fairs, we are always asked to fill in a whole set of sensitive information to acknowledge our visitor tags, which integrity assessors always show a slight increase in the pit of uncertainty.

This feeling of discomfort has been justified for some visitors to this year's E3 Fair. A later organizer, Entertainment Software Software Association – or ESA – accidentally placed a document on this year's edition of the E3 website with the personal information of more than 2,000 participants open and accessible. The list mainly features journalists, influencers, analysts and other high profile visitors.

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This document was first invented by YouTuber Sofia Norwitz, and its manifestation has had a major impact in recent days. ESA has removed the link since the incident was discovered, but that has not stopped the list from spreading nonlinearly. Game journalists and others who are subject to the taskkit have already been called and emailed by philanthropic and misogynistic individuals.

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Anyone who followed the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR debate last year knows that companies and organizations that ignore personal data in this way can face heavy penalties. Now, the ESA is an American player, but as European journalists are also impressed, investigations of this nature may still be relevant, Kotaku writes. What will happen in the next case is yet to be determined.

ESA is the largest U.S. The media has been told that it is sorry about what happened and has taken necessary steps to remove the document. No official apologies were made to the affected participants.

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