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Earthquake alarm in Sundsvall

Swedish National Seismic Network, SNSN Accordingly, it is a magnitude 2.4 earthquake. The initial severity was 2.6.

SSNS According to the quake, at 23.19am, the quake was 17 km east of Sarbel, 17 km west of Nanda, 12 km west of Najurunda and 20 km southwest of Sandoval.

This year's quake was tenth with a magnitude 2.0. On two occasions, this year's earthquake has intensified: in Dalharna in March and in the Gulf of Bothnia in February.

– People call and say they heard a bang, some saw a pillar of smoke. "We have sent a car to try and locate them all," said Lars Ridstadt, interior commander of the rescue service at MedelPad.

– At the SOS alarm, people here felt that she was shaking. I didn't notice, I was at the other end of the fire station.

"The public has called if the deaf are knocking," Lina ^ Strum says on the police.

The earthquake was experienced, for example, in the center of Njurunda, Elnie, Metfors, Bergskar and Sundsvall.

Lina: "A Big Bang"

Lina Udas lives two miles outside Sundsvall. When the Express calls her she tells me she was standing in the stable when she heard a loud heartbeat.

– It sounded like a loud thud. I went out to the yard and then there were two people who were lying on the patio from the house.

Lina did not know the earthquake herself but says that people who were in the house said that the whole house was shaking.

Lina Udas, 35, lives two miles outside Sunsvall and was stunned when she heard the noise.

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– They knew it when they sat on the bed. They said the whole sofa was shaking.

He says he was not scared but called his mother, who is a parent to Lina's children.

– Mom also heard a loud noise and ran to check if the baby was down from the bed. She told me to drive home carefully.

"The whole body is shaking"

The earthquake happened when Tov Palin was watching a movie in Quisleby with his cat Nils L Hulson.

– She was very upset. Suddenly there was an explosion that rocked the whole body and house.

The cat with a towel lying on its stomach suddenly stunned.

– It got really hard. It felt like it was long gone, not like regular electricity. It was really, really, very uncomfortable.

Although Tov was scared at the time, she says she wasn't worried.

– No, it's over now, I'm not worried. But you think of people where this happens so often, and in great measure, it should be terrible.

Many witnesses say homes are damaged and noisy noises should be heard, writes the Sunswalk newspaper.

– There was an unbelievably big rumor, after which the whole villa was shaking in Metaphor, says one witness
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When the earthquake struck, Tov Palin was lying on the bed with his cat.

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