Friday , January 22 2021

Encoding – This is a good new training year

You can call a training month for January. Starting the training is not an uncommon new year promise. At the reception at the Jim Magassinate in Encamping, the newspaper meets the personal trainer Annie Olson.

He is always in the case that this is the best month of January in the industry, he says.

At the end of the year, Annie O'Hays has noted that many are kidding about starting training before New Year's Eve. It will not be as big as the beginning of the disaster, because if you start shouting after the fast new year's promise If you start training for a realistic extent, then there is an increased chance of continuing.

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At this time Annie Ohlson has noted that many people started training before the new year at the end of this year.

Björn Strand-Larsen from Fjerthundra and Zakaria Adibhen of Grilabi, each other killed on the training machine.

– We run a few sessions at least once a week. Zakaria Adiben says that, inspires each other and gives small push.

Why should you train?

Borj is called Strand-Larson – he runs the body.

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Borze Strand-Larsen Zeria train the calf under the supervision of Adria.

– It's very mental. Zakaria Adiben says that you are more happy.

Then we're both truck drivers. Bourgee Strand-Larson says that it's perfect for going around and avoiding injuries.

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At Magassine, Johan Saprom could expect a good month for the company in January.

Zacariya trains four times a week after the set schedule. The plan to plan the day to come and feel when working out, it works better. Borze exercises four to six times a week.

Johan Sapstrom, who owns a magazine with his wife Saffstrom, says that there are about 1,800 people who go to encoding and train at McGolden's two training rooms (on station and harbor).

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