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Goodbye holiday jet lag and sleep well

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It does not seem very attractive, but you can feel better after returning everyday everyday. Stock Photography.

Years must start but for many, everyday life starts for weeks. Surprisingly that unemployment is probably above – but can also work as a pure health pillar in January.

January blues and everyday worries are hot topics this year, but the fact is that many people feel good about returning to everyday life every day. An unemployment period, in which there is poor diet, more alcohol and irregular sleep, or if there is a sudden end or not.

– Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology, P. Jonson says that there are so many evidence that everyday and beautiful.

According to him, Christmas is very different from other holidays, because often it is very important around the festivities, which can be stressful. No matter how good it is, many feel that they should always go to a comfortable bed with family and friends, and sleep and sleep.

To return to everyday life, you do not have to think and plan as much as you do not have the time to play with. According to Johnson, it's good, which says that people feel better about staying in a box – but with flexibility within the box

Johnson says – there is a well known composition that we humans prefer many choices, but hate to choose.

The internal clock helps

Christian Benedict, Sleeping Scientist and Author, also welcomes everyday life.

– When we have a more regular life, we help in the work of our internal clock, he says.

It does not seem that a person should be very worried about sleeping during the weekdays.

– As a reference to what you need, you have to be careful about using free time. When we are unemployed, it is more likely to drink alcohol and eat fat, which affects the quality of sleep, Benedict says.

But to spend the holiday day and then awake in everyday life can be a difficult transition. Then Benedict called "Holiday Jet Leg" can easily bear any of them.

To avoid this, it gives three preparations for the last days. By going outside, in the sun, early morning of the day, during exercise and at the beginning of the meal, anyone can change their internal clock and send signals in the brain that they should sleep a little in the evening.

"Hateful to oppose"

"If you are a man in the evening, this will not turn you into a person in the morning, but he will move your circadian rhythm positively," he says.

The fact that the great holidays are ending can mean that alone can be a relief for yourself.

Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve do not have any time, which is very demanding when you are alone. You're more alone, everyone seems to be with each other, it seems, "says John Jones.

There are four words – all that end in "fidelity" – which they think should be free from its conclusion: disappointment, powerlessness, intolerance and meaninglessness.

– You should have some hope and there should be some power over your own life, and there are a lot of daily help.

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