Saturday , September 24 2022

Hilda – årets bragdhund hittar andra hundar


– Detective bite, he is the owner of Hildas Karen Björck, who has been named as the most respected person.

– In the workbar and on the other side, I would like to hear from you and go to the right place.

I am going to try to find a new role from Hilda, who has "motivated a new role" in the form of a brochure. I have had a lot of different things in the 54 hours.

Hilda's prisas have been honored for the first time since she has been honored for her success. Någa jurynu tykte var viktigt att uppurärksamma

– Something went wrong when I went to the hospital. Finns were arrested on the murder of Svenska Kennelklubbens presstalesman Hans Rosenberg.

Karin Björck's sysslat med spårning länge Hilda är hennes fjärde labrador och de började träna när hon fortfarande var valp

– If you want to learn more about it, then you will not be disappointed with it. Så hon har fått mycket rutin

Enligt Karin Björck is honored to be the only young woman to wear a bra, and she is just like the other woman, and she is the only person to have sex with him.

– Because of the harshness of the situation, it is necessary to take care of the situation and the situation of the situation will change.

– Honestly, we have a long way to go and get ready. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. In the trance of something like this, you have to do the same with the help of the person, and you have to do it, Karin Björck.

Priset, en medalj och At the end of the year, on 8th of December, the stockholder will be able to invest in 20,000 units of gold and silver.

According to Karin Björck's skanketting company, Hundstallet has been working as a specialty of the company for some time.

På mässan kommer även årets polishund, årets narkotikasökhund och årets social media tjänstehund att

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