Friday , July 30 2021

Holland steps in Great Copenhagen

Photo: John Nielsen / TT

Orenand is raising cooperation while Hague's Region Holland and six municipalities join the Greater Copenhagen Committee. Stock Photography.

Now Holland is connected to Danish-Swedish cooperation in Oresund region, which is named after the Greater Copenhagen Committee.

Extraordinary board meeting has decided that Regions Holland and six municipalities will be included in Hedge and Copenhagen Governor Frank Jenson will chair the end of the year.

"We will increase international awareness about Greater Copenhagen, so we'll be better off to attract foreign investment and talent," Frank Jensen said in a press release. It wants to see the increased integration of labor market and more investment in the infrastructure sector.

In total, there are four territories and 85 municipalities in the co-operative institution. From the Swedish side, it's about Region Scan and Region Holland and all the scans and Holland municipalities.

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