Friday , July 30 2021

Hotel Noble Sd, built with a municipal loan Conference: "Can Feel Uncomfortable"

Lesbos Costa Boda Hotel has canceled the next conference that will keep laser Democrats in Lesbo. The reason for this is that other guests can be sick and SD is believed to be a "heavy opinion". The hotel is run by Torrenton Johnson's New Wave Group – but it has been funded from the municipality over the years.

SD planning in PSC in Kosasa Boda Hotel was booked till December. But this morning, local chairman of Lesbos Markku Manti received an email from Kosta Boda.

Standing there: … "We adhere to our board's guidelines, which means we do not accept groups, organizations and companies with a lot of opinions, where other guests may be sick. Therefore, I cancel your reservation."

Anders Carlsen (SD) to Smalleststone says, "Once we have filled this money, all citizens of the municipality, I think it is unfortunate that we can not complete it."

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Carlson's goal is that the Pasib Municipality has invested in the hotel for years. The latest investment was completed in early 2018.

To expand the Costa Boda Hotel, a municipal property company, Kirkcun 3 has been given a SEK 150 million loan by the municipal. Smålands Posten says that it includes an extra restaurant, spacious spa area and a large conference section. According to Hakkarna Berkquist, CEO of Kirkbyan 3, the entire loan will be returned with hotel income. Why is it a municipality and not a NewWave group of Torten Johnson, the ownership of the hotel is unclear.

In December it is believed that the City council meeting of Pasibo Municipality will be held. Then SD Will be announced, hotel CEO, N. Kelholt, Smiles-Postan will announce in an email. She writes that the municipality "is uncomfortable with other guests" wakes up.

Now, in one letter, the SDA municipality has asked to go to the meeting. If the City Council meeting is not moved, then the SD Will not be present According to Marcu Muntlala, attending attendees when the party is closed outside the hotel is theoretically important.

In an interview with Smyndon Poston, he said, "We are not welcomed as a party because they think that we can betray."

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