Wednesday , January 27 2021

Huawei P30 can bring back the headphone jack

Based on the leak of 91 mobile phones and onlix rumors and information about upcoming flagship mobile, HewEi P30 has presented the rendering of how to see.

If the leaked data is correct, the opposite of its predecessor will be equipped with a P30 headphone connector. Today, most manufacturers have followed Apple's example and made it plausible in thin mobile favors with large battery rooms.

The phone has a small half-rounded flare in the VanPlus 6T style and otherwise almost full screen is visible.

According to previous data, the original version of P30 will have a 40-megapixel rear camera which will have 5x optical zoom and 24 megapixels in self-camera. Pro version is expected to have a strong camera.

Huawei will attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, but when released as P20, new phones like P. 30 will be launched or launch on a different occasion.

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