Sunday , January 24 2021

Ice Breaker Season Comes In Hot Water

From now on, five state criminals are ready to launch their campaign. But some are believed to be staying in the port for a short time, because the northern water is unusually hot for the season.

It does not look like outside of Lulea. Stock photography taken from IcebreakerPicture: Carl Harlin / Swedish Maritime Administration

– It's about three, four plus degrees. Amund Lindberg, Operator of the Icebreaker Operations at the Swiss Maritime Administration, says that the Baytonian Bay will be covered with snow this year, but all coastal areas are warmer than usual.

– After summer, after hot spring and hot autumn it has been very hot in the ocean waters.

At the same time, the northern winds decreased slightly to the end of the year in the water.

Five Icebreakers are located in Elle, Yarm, Namely, Oden and Fridge Lulea. First, it is the smallest, Elle, who will go on a mission to help other ships. It probably happens in medieval days.

Controls are also imposed on ships when icebreaker begins the season. The requirements are that they have the potential to get enough strength, cooling water, and then have to limit the size. Amund Lindberg says that keeping in mind the amount of oil used in working hours, operating a small boat for society is not economically economical.

At the same time, the Swedish export industry, mainly forests and ores, are able to help the glaciers.

Lindbergh says that it is a well-functioning cooperation.

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