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In a newly-written book, adult riot challenges Alvin Tinwallwal


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Alfin Tingswal has been named as 26-year-old in the tournaments called the Hamburg, Luigi and the National Team. He did not offer all the offers and conscious efforts. Now Thingsvall challenges those foundations that are up-to-date with a new book and continuously repeating themes of riots.


Aftablabett had a lengthy interview with Tinsinghawl. He worked in Luí and London and worked as a psychologist.

The pitch played nine meters in 2015, last year. He succeeded with Luguyu in the finals and allowed Flansberg to play a few matches.

Despite all the successes, he was trapped in an attempt to relieve sports and to prepare and experience some basic values.

"As a player and a psychologist based on my experiences, I'm looking at something different in sports, and I'd like to show you how elite riders are to be quoted and the elite riders," he told Sportbladder.

Tins Wall gives a basic message for those standing in the middle of the sports carrier. Ensure opening more doors during training.

"If you love sport and see the meaning of life, it's totally" good "but it's only possible if you can not enjoy it when someone has won it, but only next time it can be saved, the loss should be reversed all the time, a round that I think will be very pernicious, He is a sportsbladet Indeed, he said.

Everyone does not want to do academic studies. But if there is anything outside of sports that is important, it will be family, hobby or anything else; Anything that is not without sports is healthy, Tinsley continues to interview.

This week, the book "I Lost Every Success I" released

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