Wednesday , June 23 2021

Jamendlass basketball coach dies: "I do not see a lot of money"

"It is written in any way, and he's very good," he said. Sports head Jaslenet Basket, said Torgjon Gurke.

This is what he said. In this context the words are meaningless, no one is needed – but many people can not implement the celljo brake justice like Tolbjerg Gherke. Doon is coached by coach for seven years. They work together daily, says Torgebor Gherke.

Leaving a large hole

"It's a guy who knows and knows what some people are about to go to the lake, and how many times I do not know the players, so they are bad, you see that he's playing with the player and he's got a lot of losing, he's stirring up his voice.

Gurkha describes him with a credible, loyal, commitment to communicate with two things.

– If you see a trusted word in the dictionary, you can see his face there. The team had a mad mind. Two things he thought were his daughter and his group. He spent his time not working there. This is very difficult. I will give up a hole where he does not really understand.

Moving on a heart attack

It is not clear what exactly happened to the cell break. But there was a heart attack during a quick visit to Croatia.

– I have spoken to some of his relatives and his best friend, he said. He brought him to the hospital, then he could not live there, and later he went to the evening. They know that it is a heart attack.

The deal will be big, says Gerke

"We always think about him, not just what has happened, but he will not be there, you will listen unbelievably.

What did he mean for Jasmine Basset??

"He has given many things to so many people, and it is his own, and he has the ability to know if someone felt bad and he was brought with him and talked to him.

Unbelievably popular

"The worst thing is that she does not know who her daughter is (who is 10 years old) and who is so incredibly popular." I understood how much I meant, and received more than 300 SMS from the palace.

Tuesday, the idea will come to see Jamland's hopping. Whether the match will play or not is unclear.

Selja Brekk was a 41-year-old, left hand and wife.

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