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Jasan attacked two dogs with seven dogs

On Wednesday, seven-year-old Jayson Guestanzan was attacked by two dogs.

Hands, one hand, and a stitched jack in the stomach.

"It was scary, blood was everywhere," says Anna Anna.

On Wednesday, Jason Gustafsson (7) was attacked by two strokes and was going to the house next door.

"When my father tried to hear a second joke, he realized he was wrong," says Jason mother Anna Anna.

Jason told her parents, they wore dogs. Then he lay down on the road and found his father in bloodshed.

He does not remember if he ran down the road from the road or drove down from the dog's hand.

After Jason was assaulted, he went to his home in Nora and came home.

"It was awesome, there was blood everywhere," says Anna Viran.

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Jason was attacked by seven-year-old Jason.

Put it into the hands

When they searched for Jason's jacket, the parents found that there were many carpets in the stomach and arm.

The seven-year-old hand and bitter werewel, wound on both the stomach, and on the stomach.

"If Jason was less than 5 cm away, he would have died if he had a bad bite on his robe."

As Anna Nayan says, the only dog ​​is Rat Weiler. The other is a mixture.

"We are not angry with dogs, or dog breeds, such dogs, and children have grown up with dogs.

"It's a person who is angry, we can not handle dogs.

There is a school in this area, and Anna Vir is again coming back if similar events happen.

"It's interesting, our kids do not dare to go out, our predecessors were afraid before the dogs were afraid," says Anna Vivian.

"Frightened Jaysson"

After the attack, Jaison Gustafsson thinks these dogs are uncomfortable.

"When he landed in the health center, he panicked and got into a busy road, as a panic," says Ann Vernon.

A preliminary investigation was launched about the alleged violation and supervision of dogs.

It is wrong to find that Jassin's father and his mother have not reached the place where they were attacked.

– The police came to laser and was there for five minutes. He asked me to show myself self-sufficient crimes, "says Anne Wilson.

"We have come here to ask the police to take care of our dogs, but they decide to take it to the county.

A spokeswoman for the police said Afrobladed was on Saturday.

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