Monday , January 25 2021

Marius Borg of Matt-Merit is a partner with love

It was Norwegian Se and Hor, who beat the news of the new love of the Norwegian crown crown mat-merit in March last year: Model Julian Snackestad.

Girlfriend was introduced as a Playboy model in Sebi's Horse, causing the Norwegian royal house to go out with the letter, where he criticized the publication.

"Private of overwearing" means Crown Prince Hankan and Crown Princess Met-Merit, who expressed regret that SnakeStad was introduced as a playboy model only.

Be the coohitant in Oslo

Now the couple takes a new step in their relationship and after having bought the house they become cozy. The news for the Norwegian newspaper Dougladabad is among other things. Sympathies are also confirmed by Snakecast's father.

– Yes, they have bought the house together. But it's a private matter, so I do not know that I want to say something more about it, Dad tells Norwegian Tonsburgs Blade.

This property is located in Tonsberg in Norway.

Earlier the couple lived in London. There, Marius Borg was nominated as editor of Lifestyle magazine Temps magazine. But when the magazine was closed, he had to apply for a new job, which he had recently met in Oslo. Instead, it will work in the real estate industry.

"A Creative Spirit"

– She is a very creative soul, wants to take pictures in filming and perform well and work long enough for constructive work. They have this job that gives them the opportunity to learn, so I think they have a great talent. And then we are very happy that he has found a place that he likes very much, so Matt-Marite told the NRK that when Mary was working in a magazine.

Couple are very interested in fashion.

Last month, news came that they planned to build their own clothing brands. Marius Borg Hiabi has made previous experience of designing a leather jacket.

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