Saturday , October 1 2022

McLaren version of WinLus 6T at Christmas time


Motorola and Ferrari, Huawei and Porsche. And now, Vanplus and McLaren. Yes, these smartphone makers with super sports cars and Formula 1 feel very warm about the heart. Vanplus 6T now comes in the McLaren version released on December 11. Here you are obviously hoping for the success of Christmas. This new WinPal 6T variant will not tell the story of the original, but the so called tagline is called "speed to speed". The UK will be launching at McLaren Technology Center. And if we are guessing, it is good, the device comes with a little more work memory and storage space. If we can not see a new version of the phone, it is a collaboration that shows how fast the phone is already on the market.

Not the first time

In this type of collaboration many times before VanPlus. Everything has been happening from fashion houses to artists and we have also seen a special edition of phones in association with Marvel and Star Wars. What will be the outcome at this time, we will report on December 11 when the details of the collaboration will be presented outside of London in the McLaren Technology Center.

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