Tuesday , March 2 2021

Nikki's anger was seen on TV 4

Duttit Food took her case. At the final final of the week, Natalie Bridroll was forced to quit his position at "Idol".

Natalie sang with Bridolf Benjamin Ingorozo in the jury. After losing her she cried with frustration.

– I do not know what happened. I think people have forgotten to vote because we thought they were doing well, "she says.

The matches are Bragi Bergson, Sebastian Volden, William Straud, William Segardall, and Cadetato Holm Cheeta.

– It's nonsense. Come on, let's get some better. Girls are shocked after Benjamin Ingorozo's partnership with her DATSATOR.

Nicki Amini TV 4

After the broadcast, judge Nikki Amini dissatisfied with the viewer's decision.

– She knows how much time Natalie has spent on her. It is related to Kadiatroo. Four young men we still perform to sing, and even perform there, "she says.

I think people did not forget to vote for Natalie. I'm not happy with this effect.

The jury member looks at the viewers, says:

"Every season is broken, you vow again and again, how are you doing?

Nicki Amini has now criticized TV4 and its production company.

"The fact that you did not receive professional help from the first week has changed much, but it's so much that I have posted on the Freemant TV and TV4 and things have been deleted.

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