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No baby will not cause vaccine allergies – News


The anthropomorphic method of life seems to be standing against allergies. Children growing in the anthropocytic environment are at risk of allergies compared to other children. But what is it that protects the children in this habitat?

New research has shown that the vaccine is not in favor of increasing the likelihood of allergens. It has been discussed earlier as a reason not to vaccinate.

Chief Physician Johann Al at Sachk Children's and Youth Hospital in Stockholm, compared with the most in-living children in the anthrosophisticic lifestyle.

We did not see any connection, which means that some parents are less likely to have a vaccine to help their children or their patients, "says Johann Almas.

The union has disappeared

In current research, Johan Alum and his colleagues follow three groups of children aged five to five years of age. In the south of Sodderdgee, 466 students from Jarna were considered. Of these, 99 children were treated as anthropocytic and 100 were considered part of this philosophy.

In the following years, when parents asked questions about their way of life and others, the children had tried them on many occasions. Blood samples examined in the presence of Allergies were in many other tests.

We have partially viewed the possibility of allergies in allopathic children as compared to other boys. In addition, we found a relationship between vaccines and allergies. But these kids were expected to be allergic. However, this relationship disappeared when it comes to different risks, such as family lifestyle. Our interpretation is that there is no support for vaccines for children due to laziness. "Says Johan Al.

The outbreak of the disease

However, researchers do not know exactly what children with allergic reactions in life are atopicolysis.

There may be a wide variety of environmental factors such as diet, says Johann Al.

The study found that 58 of the Anthropocephic children were fully five years old in the age group of 50 years.

Having been unable to vaccinate anteroposists, outside the jarana community began to erupt red dogs and meals over the years.

The current study was published in the Lancet Journal in the Ecclesiastical Medicine.

Problems: There were precautions about the background on claims of vaccine and allergies that have been raised. The task has been deleted.

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