Friday , October 7 2022

Paradise Hotel 2018 became Robin Mos Anderson


Robin Mos Anderson (26th) and Jennifer Carlson (28) ended the "Paradise Hotel".

Robin "Moss" Anderson was the "Paradise Hotel" in the third season – his second victory. Anderson decided to throw the ball in the final.

But instead of winning the whole, he saw it shared with Jennifer Kalson.

"I fired that day and I threw the ball because I tried to communicate, but I think that Jennifer and I were traveling in the last week helped me, so I wanted to share the money, and now I chose me back to that ceremony and then I could not buy the money .

Paradise Hotel 2018: Secret Sign

Robin Anderson wrote a letter before the final. Joseph Kolson's sister Rebecca Carlsen waited at the age of 27.

The sisters Calzone Sec 250,000 division, Robin Anderson and second in the second quarter.

I was shocked when Robin hit the ball. I had no idea he could do that. I do not think so much about him, "said Joseph Carlson.

Robin Anderson slammed three-wicket win over Josepin Carlsen in the second over.

"Then I laughed and laughed," said Josepin Carlson.

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