Monday , March 20 2023

Paradise Hotel is an annual season


Photo: TV3

Put everything downA Season to Record a Paradise Game as a Rebecca Stella Program He ended last season, but now there is time to pack the bag using a sunscreen, resorb and a bad stabilization splash. However, everything is new in the future, just as you have used the same partner before. Leisure magazine says:

"In the upcoming season, it will be recorded in Mexico and will be broadcast this spring." The 10th season of "Paradise Hotel" is the jubilee season the Channel called "Jubilee Season", in which the favorite moments from previous seasons include a commendation and praise. "

The fact that the Paradise island starts to come out of the paradise is not a shock. The re-designing of previous partners in the past has become a lot of laws than in previous years. Tin TV in Sweden

In 2017,Champ"Season's Program, Now a "Anniversary Season"Full"Respect with your favorite moments"In the early season, the same partners should look at the end, what they did in their career earlier,Very good"The difference is that there is no special ability!

"According to Nöjesblad data, the attendance list will be filled with former partners who return home.

Lukas Holm (25), who participated in the final, was one of the participants. But the participants of the team are refusing to comment on the following season. "

You do not have to be a nuclear physicist Guess that other partners may be involved. Smail, Mos or Kristian Täljeblad If you come back, Peter Jheed Diabetes is a surprise to you. When you see the attendee list, it is visible to see it, but you probably will not disappoint his pin call shop.

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