Monday , March 27 2023

Paris Jackson secretly offers Message after message


In the acclaimed documentary "Living Neverland," many men go on and on about the profanities that world star Michael Jackson should have exposed him during his upbringing. The 21-year-old World Star's daughter, Paris Jackson, has previously claimed that the documentary is false and believes the allegations are not true. But on Thursday, Paris Jackson shared a secret message to its 3.5 million followers on Instagram. The picture he posted showed two children and a text.

"Be so careful about how this generation affected their childhood, that they would try to recover and give their own children a childhood that they didn't need to heal," he says in the photo.

For the post, Paris Jackson writes "Amen".

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New documentary about a world-renowned father

It's unclear what Paris Jackson really wants to achieve with his message. But the statement comes just days after she revealed that friends and fans of her world-famous father Michael Jackson have made a new documentary to counter the allegations against her.

Producers in "Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth" cited five major gaps in the allegations, saying that the men who set foot in Wade Robeson and James Sapchak's "Living Neverland" are liars and are just looking for money. In the new documentary, viewers will also see interviews with world star defender, live cartoonist Mike Smallcombe, former child star Mark Lester and former bodyguard Matt Feeds.

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