Friday , March 5 2021

Pokemon switch provides access

"Go! Go!" Two versions have come down. This is about the player who wants to start Yellow Picas and Brown Ivy. Focus is focused on both the favorites. One of the developers is to include their players in the team.

"There are some things that we want for these games, your partner's poker to increase the bandwidth of monkeys, the more you can do than the one you can ever get in. It's just a coach to poker monkeys, and Picasso and EVy do things to get closer. Director, Junineichi Masooda talks to the developer.

Appointed in Canterbury

It is for the first time that he is the first in the world of three-color captains who capture small-fashioned fans to become champion.

Some of the news borrowed from a popular mobile game "Go". Using berries to capture samples is easy. The swipe hand control is made by hand with the hands of the original troll using the ball.

– We developed this name, which we can enjoy with our longtime fans, pokemon and professional players. This is the poker game for all, "said Kensku Nabana, responsible for appearing in the Games world, in a video interview published by Nintendo, game creators responded to the questions of fans.

Directed by Junineich Masuda in all the poker monitors. But this will probably be the last time, "he said. He says in an interview with The word "gokman" is known as the Zioneliolo region. The first goonden match was held and the original 151 terrestrial residents lived.

"Of course I am amazed, even when I saw one of the copies from a coach, when I remembered it from the beginning, I felt very profound, but I did not know, but we've created something from our memories," says director Masuda in the video interview.


There are many ways to develop a problem for developers. They decided to fix, simplify, use only two controls in the player's control and help the players. This made it possible for two players to play in the living room.

The switch is set with Bluetooth, and the player who plays the mobile game "Pocomone Goose" means that the game can now change the match switch from mobile.

Facts: Potty

Pokémon means "pocket mornster". A roll player was also released in 1996 for Nintendo's handheld console gaming. The game caught a small terrorist cameraman and became a big success.

In 2016, the game won the game Mobile Goory "Go".

"Go! Let's go!" The first poker game is the game to change "Eevee", the "Pokémon Yellow Edition", a specific version of the original game, can be seen as a reminder.

The game was released on November 16th.

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