Sunday , January 24 2021

Police Commissioner on the charge of driving alcohol Gothenberg Post

In the last year, police commissioner was involved in many critical action in Umei, who sentenced SEK 20,000 to fine for drunk driving, writes Westerbottens-Kureren.

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In May 2018, the Commissioner took rescue rescue association's permission without the permission of the boat and then went to the ground. A few days later, he was accused of sexual assault on the police station. In August, his car was closed and he was suspected of drinking alcohol, which he has now been convicted.

The concentration of the drug was 0.41 per thousand in blood – the higher the driving limit of alcohol.

There is no strange thing about it. The Commissioner says to the newspaper that I have accepted and it is only to pay fine.

He has lost his driving license for a year earlier. Employer has decided that the commissioner should be able to continue his work even if he is fined for driving in drunken driving. She calls herself a commissioner.

I want to be my service. We have followed all the rules and there is nothing motivating me to get rid of the job. To dismiss me, I need to be sent to jail, he says.

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