Sunday , January 24 2021

Postnord is for fake SMS

It currently spreads Bluff text from postnote. The company has warned about the text and has asked people to be cautious.

In the text, it appears to come from postnote, it says that someone tried to give the package, but that post was lost.

The recipient is requested to click on the payment link, but warns to click on the postcard link and instead requests recipients to delete the text.

If you are waiting for shipments and are inaccurate with the status of your package, then you are asked to contact the company's customer service.

Here's what the text will look like. It ends in a similar "conversation thread" as a regular SMS from postordord.

On Postordord's Facebook page, users have commented and said that if you followed the link, you came to a page where you can buy an unusually cheap phone.

– The scam SMS – seems to be sent from our server, but of course – we have known for a short time. Postnard's press manager Julia Schaepter says, "We are investigating why the text is being sent to us."

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