Thursday , February 25 2021

Review: Leila K-Playy floating identities and lots of music

It starts on the white blanket. Julia Hercovitt hid in the fancy narrow marble baking of the girls room. The smallest model of the Big House House in the 90s – Aroo Abdulla, Seedi Khodarhami. These two are images of a person who can be Leela K. It is with the character of Darius Abdullah and the surrounding material of Darya Abdullah and the vast material of characters and urban legends. How grateful it is! Only the opinions of the open-minded quotes are the only ones that try to capture the revolutionary Leela K., RedWatering Providence, and "Hip Hop Pipe Golden Success". He does not need to mention his homeless and strangest words.

Abdulla was founded She borrows and repeats the dramatic lesson of poetry. Not only does the stylus of director Asa Lindhon's play take place, but the whole musical performance. In particular, the game with aggressive gestures in the intense mash of Nancy Sinatra's "Bagh Bag" and Assasso Abdulla is in the "Magic Ball" spell for Leela Kevin and at least a limited edition.

An interview with Diman Abdullah read: "I want to write the history of the Leela case."

Sarah and Catherine Khadirahi, along with Ashaz Abdullah and Peruvian dress, went on to become a fashion designer. 90% spacewalk rust lace, full body net suits, bomb jackets and Ladick adidas and ols. Here, the identity fluid continues, and that makes the play more efficient.

On one side of it Gender, a child who asks another child, is going to surrender in a constant struggle against racist society. Then the third sound, daddy or you need patriarchate – whose hot spray spray is an awkward-proof spray boat. But this is to dedicate and refuse to do Leela and her sisters. They should be stupid, but they are holy fools, uncontrolled and unlimited. They will rise.

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