Sunday , September 25 2022

Rollen Leon Briste appealed this verdict: "Smatch my name"


Rogle met Timre on Saturday and after a duel with Philip Hilland, Leon Bristelt fell on the ice.

"Hilllander squeezes with Bristent's hand and hands lightly against her chest and touches the bristle. The bristle herself throws herself and feels worse than her, lying on her face with her hand, than it is," she declares. Christer Larkking, responsible for the place of SHL that was read, was sent to discipline board.

Breastfeeding protested, claiming that Holland's elbows had found him on the face and showed a picture of his injured nose.

Briste said, "Just watching the pictures and watching the movie sequences available, it is clear that the elbow is straight on the nose."

Leon Bristol Appeals

The disciplinary board decided to pay a fine of 5000 rupees in the film penalty to Leon Bristol. Now he has decided to appeal.

Bristht says, "I think I have two weeks to do that and I have a club at the back."

5000 Crown does not care much about it.

"When I pull up, I do not want to nominate a movie player. That's why I will appeal," Bristh says.

I should go away from filming hockey, I feel like this too. But this is not any filming.

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