Saturday , January 16 2021

So many companies became bankrupt in the county – News in Malmo – 24 hours a day

6 178 Swedish companies became bankrupt in 2018. In total, 17 841 employees were hit by bankruptcy – 18 percent increase from 2017. It's Credits reporting company Creditsaffe, who presented statistics with last year's bankruptcy.

– When we end up in bankruptcy in 2018, it makes a sad reading. After the first half of the frozen, donation increased significantly during the summer, a negative development that continued throughout the autumn. In July we noticed that the trend break was the beginning of several months with a dramatic increase. Unfortunately, our forecast is that abductions will continue in 2019 Henrik Jacobsen, A press release from CreditSaffe CEO.

In the last year, 21 21 counties increased bankruptcy. The biggest increase was in Orebro, Sodermanland and Western Gotland, where the increase was 40%, 25% and 16%.

In Scan County, this increase was 7%, while 867 limited companies were in business. In 2017, the corresponding figure was 812.

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