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Stephen Headmaster: Stan Lee is a superhero himself


The son of a Romanian tailor made this series permanent


As a teenager, I wrote the seniors. But that's the joke I'm looking for. I tried to create something incredible (and then dirty!) As a super hero series, I dared not.

Stan Lee dared. He was a superhero. How can I create so many symbols in such a short time?

American culture and entertainment were not just talents that came from Europe to the conscious Europe.

This applies to the manufacturer and the icon Stan Lee, Or Stanley Martin LeBour He really called. His parents were Romanians in Romania. They came to New York to try their luck. Being depressed Erlin Flynn Meet the movie and dreamed of catching adventurers in serial form.

When the world was thrown into the 1939 World War, he entered the comic book industry and called the publisher the last Marvel. "Captain America" ​​was not the story of a patriotic Super Air Force in time, but Lee was in the scene.

He was his first super hero Destroyer, and a journalist who died in the constitution camps and made him a super hawk.

There was an opportunity to pay his boxes for a Jewish comic book creator to give him to Nazi.


With Jack Kirby Lee, one of America's creators of Captain, became one of the driving characters behind the Marvel Revolution in the 50s. Animal Four, first appeared in the Marvel Series pages in 1961, was one of the most cruel quartet superheroes.

1 out of 5 | Photo: Chris Pisallo / AP

Stan Lee was participating in honor in 2017.

It was the start of a rare workshop. American futures formed in the 1960s for an American decade Oommen A man promises to be built on the moon. Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, The Spider Man, Black Panther and other heroes came from the Marvel factory. Everything was possible until the Vietnam War was to give the film a huge fortune in the stomach.

Stan Lee was hanging in his hands. The complexities of the superheroes and the complex problems faced the problems of today's world and the world on a personal level. The kids liked the superheroes, but it was not just read for kids.

He made sure that comics are a place for the fight against racism and prejudice. Contemporary comics and movies that highlight women, introduce heroes and non-homosexual heroes, are fully in his spirit.

Billions of valuable value

Marvel now owns two companies in a wealthy partnership. Billions of winners are based on the stories created by Stan's. It is impossible to deny that I have understood her value. He maintained the brand and drew out his face. Get to the fans.

It is incredibly empty that an interesting character can see future Malwiel cinema without his famous mood. He will be 20.

A Romanian tailor's son met US dream.

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