Saturday , April 1 2023

The 19 year old named "Fuck girl of this year" was scanned


Approved women were invited to nearly 400 students. A team of them had also written. Inspiration had many other things: "You can not count your fingers or bother you in the middle of your thigh."

A 19-year-old student Readers of inspiration and repeat offenses have been charged in October for regret. Police questioned the suspect that he was unhappy with reading, and the title "The Girlfriend of the Year" was also crazy. Systemic punishments and 30 day periods will be fine.

"[19-åringens] According to the estimates of the District Corporation, can not be convinced. It must be clear to everyone [honom]"The year's lover is a strong negative voice," the district court writes that the defense has proved that he has not been actively denied the vote but was not convinced that the court would show how the court agreed to be guilty.

A 19-year-old man said "The Girlfriend of the Year" before the "The Future of the Year" According to the school principal, the student who received the assignment was to see it as a merit and requested that the police be informed.

For the woman In reply to a Monson student, public health advocate Katju Gillan Gad is not surprised. Gillander Gaddin, Professor of Public Health Science at Mt.Nintary, said: "When a sexual partner is seen as sexual partners, they are boys or girls.

– You are forbidden or constrained by a girl. What happened in Mammoth was not an isolated incident, but in the schools and other youths around the sex culture, Tista told Tiad in connection with the Kasta Guillander Gadin prosecution.

The prosecutor is particularly concerned about the incident, because the reasonable statement contains sexual identification information, and she argues that the offender should be punished for everyday mistakes. The district court ordered compensation in Sector 10,000.

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