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The creators of the spiritual game are stepping towards content

The relationships between video and computer games are always between a man and a woman. But more examples beyond the norm are beginning to come out. Soon, the first big game will feature Queer Woman in the lead female role.

When the zombie survival game "Last of Us: Part II" is released, something will have to be written in the history books.

"When it comes to sports of this scale, it's probably the first time a lesbian character plays a major role," says Adrienne Shaw, associate professor at Temple University in Philadelphia.

He has researched LGBT themes in the gaming world since 2005 and authored several books on the theme, and also established a database on the prevalence of games, which now includes more than 1,200 games.

Assistant Supporting Role

There were already role characters in the 1980s and 1990s who were not sexually explicit, but they were not always explicitly stated. In "Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix," one of the main characters, Hanna is said to have a relationship with both men and women, according to the show.

– There are some indie-production games of the period where the hero was gay, and he is battling opponents in the cross-community. But, in the main field games, he tends to be a single quirky person, she says.

Today, the examples are significantly more. In the database, most non-racial people play a helpful role in the games, even if they are enemies. One notable supporting role is that in 2014's "Dragon Age: Inquisition," the gay character Dorian, who, among other things, wrestles with a relationship with his father, who tried to convert him with blood magic.

– (Beaver Ray) did a good job with one person, but couldn't imagine the world with so many others, Shaw says.

– Rare exceptions are games like "GTA," which, despite all its problems, are a great representation of LGBT. Some are produced as offensive as expected. He says it, but at least it's a game with a world in which some oppressed people are present.

"Available for real"

Founder and Role Writer of the Queer Nerds Network, Gabriel DeBooch Rugg thinks it is important for the LGBT community to have a non-racial protagonist with such a big and critically acclaimed series as "The Last of Us."

– If you are, then you are visible and then you are real. And your story is worth telling. Then you think you are invisible and not a researcher, she says and continues:

– There's still a long way to go. Because even though we see examples emerge, there are real people who work against it, hate campaigns and such.

The inclusion of LGBT themes or role characters in the game is sure to lead to criticism nonlinear criticism. Opponents spit gall, and often force game makers to make "politically correct" opinions on them. Often, the criticism of activists on the other side of the spectrum also comes from the fact that it has not been done enough, or that the design is considered wrong.

Adrienne Shaw says game developers are less vulnerable – just more concerned – than other media creators, and the threat of coming to the Web Storm makes them less willing to include LGBT themes.

Choose yourself

Representing LGBTQ in a gaming script is still an exception, but more and more often players are given the chance to choose themselves.

– We now recognize that in most games where we create our own characters, and engage in some kind of romantic interaction with other characters, we are allowed to choose what lays down, says Gabriel de Borg.

So it is up to the player if he wants his protagonist to have sex with same-sex characters or have sex. But giving freedom of choice is also an easy way for game creators, according to Adrienne Shaw.

– Leaving it on the audience means that no homophobes can be accused of putting pressure on their faces. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about criticizing how you choose to portray a particular person. In a way, it's chicken. Other media industries have found ways to represent oppressively different identities in ways that are not oppressive. But the gaming industry generally seems to be the last thing on the whole issue.

Gabriel de Borg still thinks that the game world is constantly taking small steps toward a growing introduction.

– It's going in the right direction, it's my feeling. We are moving in the right direction, but we should not think that we are still ready, "he says.

Gustav Sageholm / TT

More games include LGBT themes

Photo: Ubisoft

Researcher Adrienne Shaw said more games include LGBT themes "It's definitely a fatal increase, but it's also a fatal increase in those games." Image of "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey."

Quira Themes has been invented

Photo: Square Enix / TT

Quira's themes are explored in "Life is Strange," a quest about Max that he may be back in time.

Gabriel de Borg.

Photo: Photo: Johann Murd / TT

Gabriel de Borg.

Trevor, one of the main characters in the success game

Photo: Nick Yut / AP / TT

One of the main characters in the success game "GTA V", Trevor is portrayed as a queer.


Some examples of LGBTQ representation

"Gone Home" (1): A game in which to explore what happened to the main character's sister, where the love story for the other girl is central.

"Dragon Age: Inquiry" (2014): The game received a lot of attention because of gay character Dorian, whose father tried to "cure" him with blood magic.

"GTA": The "GTA" series always includes various LGBT references and people. One of the expansions of "GTA IV" is called "The Ballad Gay Only Gay Tony" (2009). "GTA V" (2013) Trevor wrestles with his sexuality. The series has also been heavily criticized for abusing minorities.

"Life is Strange" (2015): adventure game "Life is Strange" includes bilingual and lesbian themes.

"Dream Dad" (2017): In the role of Dad, you have to date with other Dad.

"Elder Scrolls: Newline: Somerset" (2018): The player is assigned to help a transsexual woman reunite with her sister. The story addresses themes such as exit and acceptance.

"The Sims 4" (૨૦૧)): ૨૦૧ From 2016 there are great opportunities to create gender norms that outweigh gender. The game has recently been the focus of a homosexual couple on this case.

"Overwatch" (2016): Two characters in the game, Tracer and Soldier: 76, are gay.

"The Last of Us" (2013): One of the main characters, Eli, is non-haters. That expansion came out in "Left Behind."

"Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" (2018): The player can enter into relationships with people of both races, and also live in relationships other than the subject.

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