Saturday , January 23 2021

The Guardian robbed and mistreated the bank in Ystad

Shortly before 6 o'clock, the police received a call from the guard who told him that his companion had been killed and robbed at a bank in Yastad.

Stephen Johnson, Press Office On the value-transfer company Lumis, it confirms that the armor security guard is one of their employees and that guard has worked on a value-added transport car.

Stephen Johansson says that we do not know how he has been robbed if he has been expelled or released from the car.

– But it has probably been tied up and knocked, but I have not been confirmed yet.

Photo: Mikael Nilsson

Injured guard Ambulance was taken to hospital with unknown injuries. According to the police, he was conscious.

– We can not say much about the actual course of events. In the scan, police press officer Kell Persson says that he worked alone and many criminals attacked him.

According to Stephen Johnson, the guard must be killed in the head.

– Despite the circumstances, it looks good. His loved ones are in the hospital with him, he says.

When he was robbed or emptied the ATM?

– That information I'm waiting for. Stephen Johansson says that you are either paying an ATM or you are vacating a service box or a deposit machine.

According to the police, the robbers brought a guard bag.

Kell Person says that there was no unknown amount in it.

Has captured the place The carriage of the guard and the police in the immediate area knock off the guard for technical investigation. Police wants to be in touch with witnesses around the crime scene during the noon till Sunday 18th.

No suspicious arrest was made shortly after 9pm on Sunday.

Now we have heard the guard, but we can not go into what he has said, call animal.

Photo: Mikael Nilsson

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