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The library is very important for Swedish business


Father's Day, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas Merchandise, Midweek. The number of replicas and reagas are increasing and the importance of retailing is more important. The worst of year is waiting for widespread.

Last year was used for Black Friday 5.3 billion chronicles. But before and after that the campaign continues. Stock photography.Picture: Thomas One Group / SCD / TT

American shopping Black Friday will start on November 23rd. Sweden's Securities and Exchange Commission said Sweden secured 5.3 billion US dollars last year.

But in reality, chains and e-commerce companies start their campaigns well, "said Johann Davidson, economist at the Swedish Trade Association.

"Most people do not limit their daily per day, but last week, Cyber ​​Monday will arrive, and so it's called to the Black Week.

Promotion and reading day is growing. Davidson will be more emphasizing the Swedish retail trade. The e-commerce competition compete all over the world.

But there are certain risks to this.

– Discount prices are a way of attracting customers, not least to customer stores. Some actually earn less of these days, but keep customers away.

Davidson claims that international competition will help in reducing the price for rare shopping, and will eventually become a growing problem.

"If campaigning is very close in a particular industry, consumers wait for it, expecting strong commodity contracts at all times.

This year, an important trading day – Father's Day – is counted as one of the biggest and only ODIs in one day in China.

Every day on Valentine's Day, the shopping season rose on November 11th. Last year, Chinese consumed at least 180 billion yuan. This was equivalent to $ 225 billion. Black Friday is ten times as big as the Americans.

Though some chains began to squeeze, singles had not yet fully explored Sweden.

"It's so big in China that it's unparalleled at all globally, and earns three times the income of Swedish e-commerce all year round," says Davidson.


Celebrations that brought you a smile at checkout

Christmas is the most important resource for Swedish retail sales. That is 77.4 billion dollars a year. The trade organization Swedish Traded revealed that growth in 2018 is expected to be 3%. This year's turnover is 79.7 billion pounds.

Share with those who believe the festival is important:

Christmas: 58 percent

Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday: 30 per cent

Easter: 29 percent

Midmaster: 29 percent

New year: 27 percent

Mother's Day: 22 percent

Middle East: 22 percent

Valentine's Day: 20 percent

Father's Day: 11 percent

Halloween: 8 percent

National Day: 7 per cent

One day: 1 percent

Source: Swedish Trading

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