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The vote is from an old Kilogram retirement – HD


The symbolic prototype of Paris is restored to all mothers who have been murdered. The International Bureau decided it after decades of discussions and inquiries.

International Prototype keeps the mother of all the weight of the killer behind the lock and boom in the International Bureau of Measurement and Weight (IBPM) in Paris. One image of the iconic prototype in the image. Stock photography.Picture: Christoph Ina

First of all, all units taken in the international SI system are not physical objects but are defined by laws of nature.

The International Bureau of Measurement and Weight (IBPM) has decided on Friday. Representatives from 60 countries, including Sweden, attended the historic election.

"I have not changed more easily, but I felt more serious than expected, and everyone voted for it, and the big jubilee was inaugurated," said John Johansson, a resx director at the Rings Borough Research Institute.

At the meeting held in Versailles outside Paris, they are always the same as in terms of the physical constituents of May 20 of the next year, the amount of objects (kale), the temperature (kelvins), and the weight (kilograms). By this the seven basic units called the SI System will be defined this way.

Most of the debates (issue) have become the base unit weight (kilograms). Instead, as in today's, the device is based on "prototype kilograms" that is located behind the lock and the boom in Paris, the constant of the plan, the impact of the movement or the frequency / energy conversion quantum level.

As kilos, today's balance of burden will be replaced with the help of a kibla wag, an electric device measuring the electrical burden.

Complicated and secure?

Yes, but there is a new way to define a kilogram depending on the expertise. As these measurements can be done everywhere, the system gets reduced. Because these constants are based on frequency measurement, it may result in more accurate measurements, and today we can measure the frequencies in the nineteen decimal places.

"It will not be noticeable for the public, but it deserves a great deal of research and technology for the stability and accuracy of this system," says Jan Johansson.

Similarly, the rest three (Ambi, Mullum and Kelvin) are based on the constant.

From 1967, the unit is defined as the cesium atom at times. The "clock" of light, defined by the electric magnetic radiation in 1979, was created in 1983 by a vacuum of 1/299 792 458 seconds.

It will be allowed to adopt seven base units from SI system from May next year. In that case, the system will not only become weaker but more logical.

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