Tuesday , June 22 2021

These lakes are now used by the news helicopter in New York. 24 hours a day

One of the main ecological problems of the county is lakes and rivers. On November 26, many lakes will arrive Ebb And Imbabada municipalities Chalk through a helicopter

This measure will continue in Bajurbein in Allberg and in the Liberian on the Alabar.

Here are the lakes:

Hagbyån's catchment area: Åsgöl, Gransjösjön, Alsbogöl and Virkesjön

Holtorbs catchment area: SDSJohn, Batsdon, Soszone, Torsson, Gangol

Lakebie Basin Area: Ödevaten, Alzoszone, Lufthan, Tone, Uebablazzo, Mankazen, Bredozozone, Halasjon, Yen

Nättrabyån's catchment area: Sedgol, Sketpen, Frontalazonen, Southern Kalven, Lidasson, Hammerson, Lilzjönn, Nethher Lord.

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