Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Thousands are being screened for fatal infections – News

The lethal disease – which is available in a variety of forms – affects the deer's central nervous system as a symptom of imaging, behavioral changes, and movement disorders. Two sick moose are killed in Arjeplog and Arvidsaur.

"When the CWD case is found in the EU program, there should be a sample expansion in the area where the disease has been found. More samples provide better evidence for the spread of the disease in the area and possible infectious assessment. Therefore, EU law on expanding CWD is needed Sampling, "Maria Cedarsmig in the Swedish Board of Agriculture F Agriculture said in a press release.

Animals to test are moose that were shot during moose hunting 2019-2020 as well as reindeer slaughtered in the same season. Of the Sami villages in the Arjeplo area, approximately, re૦૦ reindeer will be investigated, said Pb Norbotten.

CWD cases have also been found in Norway and Finland. The disease was first diagnosed in Europe in 2016.

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