Saturday , March 6 2021

Trelleborg increases the number of security alarms among adults – News in Trelburb – 24 hours a day

There were 183,000 security guards over 65 years of age, and this was the most common use of the old people Social. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of recipients increases by 3% in the country, but municipalities are very big. This shows statistics Welfare As Science News Agency Up.

"We do not know why safety alarm has increased, and I think this is a consensus of many factors, we have more aged people, and there are more people living in the house so we need more security alarms Michael Proscoc, Investigator at the National Board of Health.

Most security alarms are available Submitted Gothenburg municipalityThere, 9,700 people took the initiative. About 100 more than the previous year. In Skin That's it Yusth The municipality issued by security alarms ranges from 352 to 769. Even Thullbeborg 121 121 pieces increased from 1,092. Another end of spectrum is available SELVOV municipalityIn 2016, social services shared 126 security alarms.

Reference: National Board of Health and Welfare / Signan News

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