Friday , June 18 2021

TV: Front of Lindelöf's decision: "He's done the whole training"

Photo: Bildbyrån

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Jani Anderson comments on the Lindlofe's position at the top player.

Solna. Victor Nilsson coached with the Lindo LF national team.
John Allensson said the whole workout.
"Then we can physically evaluate him," says the federal.

Victor Nielsen Lindloff was forced to go for a break when he was succeeded by Swede Sweef last Saturday. Manchester United Midfield felt "hanging" off. On Sunday, Assistant Coordinator Peter Vettergrand announced that Nielsen Lindlofe would be fully trained on Monday.

In the first 15 minutes of the media, the media was 24. According to federal Jan Anderson, Nielsen Lindelof is in full training. He believes midfielder can play against Russia now.

– "Vaige "completed his entire training today and can be evaluated in the evening, but he is trained, Anderson says.

Before the match against Russia, Nissilan Lindlop was strongly convinced that it would be completely healthy. Andersen explains that he has not been called as an intermediate batsman.

Sweden succeeds in winning their Nations League. Then you proceed with the A-Division of the tournament.

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