Monday , May 29 2023

Xbox is considering releasing first-party titles on other platforms


Last week, Max Booty, chief of Xbox first-party developers, showed up at the Game Informer Show. There, Booty said he was willing to let developers release their games on more platforms than those connected to Microsoft .ft – where it's fair.

For example, Double Fine Productions is mentioned and they will release their future games on PlayStation and Switch if they ask. The point of exclusivity is whether the games in question benefit from being on multiple platforms, or Xbox-exclusive services like Xcloud and Game Pass are a better choice, according to Booty.

Like flagship titles Halo, Forza And Gears and War Microsoft will continue to be unique to the .ft platform, as they were "built from scratch to Xbox". Can in the future Outer WorldsThe series (if the first game encourages sequels) also becomes a special title. As you may know, the first game was published by the private department, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive.

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