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20 Minutes – 13,000 people go to the doctor's cutter for a tug

In Switzerland, 162 cases of tick-induced tick gene encephalitis (TBE) have been reported by the end of July. The Federal Office of the Public Health (FOPH) estimates this has been a moderate value for many years.


Did you get the tick vaccine?

Since 2000, 39 to 282 cases have been reported in the same period, writes the bag in a status report on tick-borne diseases published in the BAG Bulletin on Monday.

5900 Sharp Case

By the end of July, approximately 13,000 doctor clutter marks were reported for tick bites and 5900 acute cases of Lyme disease. The value of both the severe cases of Lyme disease and the number of doctor's visits to the doctor were averaged over a multi-year comparison.

Because of their frequency, the Sentinella reporting system records tick bite and Lyme disease. It is a network of general practitioners that reports on the number of visits to the doctor on a weekly basis due to tick bites and Lyme disease. Based on that the total Swiss number is extrapolated.

Great fluctuations

Monthly reports are avy scrubs in the hot season and these observations portray the season. It fluctuates both in one season and over the other, as the bag continues to write.


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