Friday , May 7 2021

20 minutes – «Federal council undermines migration criticism»

On Thursday, the US The Council of States on the Migration Agreement held many hours of discussion. Eventually, the Council approved to ignore its antitrust and informed the Federal Council that it would not be able to decide its own signature.

The remarks of the agreement are expressed in the population not only in the Council of States but also in the population. The Tempered Survey shows that most people of the Swiss people oppose the immigration agreement.

So lawyers argue:

Prof. Balathasar Glatty, Group President Green and National Council

"A country can not handle migration challenges altogether." The migration agreement provides the foundation to meet the challenges of internationally integrated peace. It also addresses the redemption of existing individuals.

If the implementation of the migration agreement was as compelling as SVP claims, then countries like the Eritrea would have to reject the asylum seekers in the future. However, the agreement correctly reminds us of the fundamental rights of the transfers. Human rights are also binding for migration, but not because of the transfer agreement, but Switzerland has signed and signed for international treaties. All right, the contract is a very balanced document. "

And so opponents:

Contra: Damien Muller, FDP Council of States

"The Federal Council has ignored the serious mood of our country's migration issues. If he did not ignore it, at least he did not believe it. Today, I'm against the manual transfer because there are so many demands that we just Can not do – for example in the field of family integration, which should be made very easy.

Another essential requirement is that the target countries must provide preliminary courses for those who wish to be settled in their home countries. It can not be In those countries, we have to give youth a perspective that they can get jobs, fund their lives, and can not even think about the country. Migrants should solve global migration issues, but do not follow a pastel policy. »


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