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20 minutes – "No use questioning everything now"

"It's like last week. There was a lot of similar stuff in the game and we all went on to win," said Marco Schwablacher after a 2-2 draw against the XMX, "but that was not to be believed. "Just like Sion a week ago, FCZ played in a defeat, missed a penalty and eventually had to lose points.

Won, so dissolved. Only a few seconds were lost against FC Zurich on Sunday against the Zamax for the season's long-awaited first win. But then Gautan Curlen robbed the people of Zurich with no hope of three points in the 95th minute. Everything had started well. Not just, but especially for Marco Schwabbler.

Zurich's dream combination

In the 44th minute, FCZ's legendary player completed a dream combination to unleash a 1-0 lead over Mimon Mahi, Tony Domogzoni and Blaze Kramer. It was the first successful film after July 23, 2018, and the first FCZ lead of the season. Rarely have you seen the Zurich No. 27 enthusiasm emotionally after this 1: 0. His expression speaks volumes. How great must salvation be in this moment. How big pressure before.

Then it was like a week ago in sion ago. In Valais, Benjamin Connolly missed the penalty. Mimon Mahi hits the bar against Zamax (Sköblä Klar: "It can happen in football"). This time, though, FCZ has performed better overall than Valize. Aason Seese (now a knot?) Scored a new lead for FCZ. Until Carlen arrived.

The balance of horror

"We haven't given much permission, but we need to keep a close eye on the game. It may not be that we get the goals up to standards," says Schubert-Kler. "We almost had a victory at hand and lost it at the last second." It is difficult to finish the shock in the last second. Schuber-Challer continued: "Confidence is still there, because we think it will be good."

Only: The balance of the FCZ under coach Ludovic Magnin is gloomy. In 2019, Magnificent has won just five in 22 championship games. Since mid-May, FCZ is now wireless. Therefore, the word variable cannot be nervous for a long time. The 29-year-old has been in the business too long. He is currently playing his 14th professional season. He completed the 295th competitive game for FCZ against Zamax. Now you may have experienced too much to panic.

"We don't have to go crazy after just four times. There is no point in questioning everything anymore, because we have done so well. We will retire our issues in the future." General Chat Chat Lounge The match was brought forward due to the Athletics Meeting «Weltklasse Zurichoff, which takes place on 29 August in Letzigrand.


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