Monday , January 25 2021

20 minutes – Robber tries to attack the UFC fighter

You might have a bad idea that you later apologized. Like this robber in Rio de Janeiro, this idea was very bad, we dared to doubt. He tried to steal from Vienna on 5 January on Saturday from the UFC Fighter Polia and quickly regrets it.

UFC combat Neumagodov against McGregor

Vienna told that a 26-year-old man was waiting for a taxi in front of his house while he was sitting with her. She asked me about the time. I answered them, but he stayed after me. When I tried to remove my phone, he said, & # 39; give me a phone and do not fight me, I am equipped. & # 39; At the same time, he touched his gun. & # 39;

Humblely comment from the UFC Boss

Later, she noticed that she was just a dummy, and because the man was so close to her, maybe she would not have time to use it, said Vienna. "I woke up, hit twice, and gave it another kick." The robber fell to the ground, and a martial artist was hit, the criminals scared, who suffered a second. Then she sat again and said: "Now we wait for the police."

UFC boss Dana White wrote a post on her Instagram page that featured Viagra and Unikiki: "One of our UFC fighters on the left and one who tries to rob them.

In the circumstances, this is not the first time anyone has tried to steal Brazil's tough people. But in Belem, two men had a fortune on a motorcycle. Even then, Vienna successfully fought.

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