Thursday , June 8 2023

20 minutes – the hardest to be the richest man in the world


The loss of Amazon shares has been less than now. However, in the future of Jeff Bezos about 156 billion dollars, the US business magazine "Forbes" is the world's richest man.

Flowers – what are you doing with so much peace? Game Developer Chris Lignmann asked this question and developed a game about spending. "Jeff Bezos" (in English: "You Jeff Bezos") must be smitten by Amazon Bose's skin and swallowed up his entire fortune.

It was a joke

The social decisive free game comes with a simple text adventure, so it comes with possibilities. For instance, you can free all the homes of young people on your own, leaving a big shirt. With 156 billion dollars, but you could have just been able to get rid of Puerto Rico, the debtor.

Bezos is primarily a browser game game that deals with Amazon's stolen money. You can fund NASA's annual budget to employ up to 1000 new teachers in the US. Ensure the US water supply, make 1000 new indie games or pay taxes to the European Union. But even if you have made the world a better place, there are more billions in the virtual account. Spending money is a very difficult task.

In any case, the black huar does not come short. The lignmann is actually a genuine attempt to see this game and encourage their environment to keep their dose and first come in parallel with Frank Kafka's classic "The Metamorphoses". You are not an insect, but one of the richest people in the world.

Bezos critique

If anyone plays the game, I am always happy and Lakshmi's goal is complete. But there is certainly a serious background under the name "Jeff Bezos": "If you spend more time on the game, you expect an enormous amount of billions of richest."

The game should make it clear how easy it is to the wealthy people to solve some of the problems in the world. The Amazon bass Facebook post has given an advance hint. In the past, he had a rather limited control over voluntary projects.

However, there is a critique of the game and its developers, in particular the game is very simple and just commenting on the simple principle of "equal evil" work. However, one has been planned continuously: "You have to have excellent opportunities at the time of" Alon Mask ".


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